Where to train around Ft, Bragg?

I'm going to be near Ft. Bragg while on leave. Any recommendations on some place to get some mat time in?


Hey there is a place called Christian Martial Arts. or Fight cut it is off of either Yadkin or Riley I forget but they are afflitated with my guy from teamroc.net the two guys that teach are purples and it is a nice place to roll. I also know some guys try and get together at the Rittz-Epps for lunch and roll they are both excellent as well hope this helps. If not hit me up and i will try and help u.

Thanks for the info,

Do you know the number down at the school?

My old plt sgt said that the head instructer at the christian karate place was a good guy. You'll see it if you get on riley headed towards fayetteville, it'll be on your right hand side. The storefront is pretty small. Its across from a school if that helps you find it at all.

There's also another martial arts place on yadkin (err I think), when you're going from bragg to the walmart in fayetteville. It'll be on your right side as you head to walmart. Believe the name is CCI, they had some interesting looking seminars, but we were always in the field or deployed and never really got motivated enough to go roll there.

Good luck staying motivated for fighting at bragg. If you're infantry, deployments and field time are gonna kick your ass.
Just etsed after 3 years there.


Thanks for the info. Don't worry I'm just visiting Ft. Bragg, my in-laws live near fayetteville. I'm at Ft. Sill, my BN is deploying at the end of Jan, I'm just trying to get as much mat time in as I can now, no telling how long it will be till I get to roll again.