Where to train? Fort Myers/Naples

I'm on Fort Myers beach FL for a while and need a place to grapple for a few days. I used go to high school down here, but the guys I used to roll with are gone. Any suggestions?


Fuck it. I'm going fishing.

Why won't these fucking fish bite? It's a full moon goddamnit!

Crafton Wallace has a gym. Inferno MMA in Naples, FL. Solid gym. Sorry I dont have a number

We have an Army base in Italy?



It's in Cape Coral. Classes at lunch and evening every day but Saturday.

Taught by Sean Wilson -- Gustavo Machado black belt

thanks for the input. Has anyone trained at any of these gyms? These fish still won't bite. I haven't been to Italy for a while, but I don't think we have an army base anymore.

I train at blacktrunk daily and also at naplesbjj about once a week. Both great places. Fletch teaches at Naples bjj and just got his brown belt from Luis Guitierrez.

Blacktrunk has lots of cool, tough guys and is a great place to train. Sean is an awesome instructor, competitor, wrestler.