where to train in Davis, CA

I am moving from NJ to Davis, CA next month and am looking for a place to train BJJ in that area. Davis is not too far from Sacremento, so any schools in that area would work too. So, if anybody knows of any schools in that area, please leave some info, or maybe a website. thanks

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I don't think there's many places to train in Davis. It's a small college town without much if any martial arts. Sacramento is nearby, about 20 minutes or so. San Francisco is about a little over an hour away.

Go train in Santa Rosa with Dave Terrell, it is less than an hour away

Santa Rosa is at least 1 hour 45 min from Davis.

im out here now for the holidays and moving back soon(this is my hometown) and im going to train at jerry bohlanders in napa, about 35-40min away from davis. plus theres cesar gracie's in pleasant hill.

Davis to Santa Rosa?

That's an impossible commute unless you want to spend 2-3 hours each way driving to lessons.

Santa Rosa with Terrell. No brainer.

all four look like good schools, thanks very much guys.

There are a number of good places near Davis to train.

Carlos Garcia teaches bjj and nhb

Cassio Werneck has produced a number of great grappliers

Santa Rosa is a little far away, about 90 minutes one-way.

There are also several good judo clubs in Sacramento.

If you are affiliated with UCD (as a full time student, or as an
employee at 50% time or higher) you can join the ucd
brazilian j j sports club.

Besides the sports club, there are also a few of us that train at
a couple different schools in the area and also get together to
roll at the UCD gym on weekends and some week days. you
don't need university affliation to roll with us. If you are
interested send me an email