Where to train in KC?

I will be in Kansas City for the next two weeks (starting Sunday). Unfortunately due to work and a death in the family I was not able to hook up with Keith Wisniewski during my time here in Fort Wayne, IN. I hope to come back another time to bang with the Indiana boys. What are the best schools/fighters in the KC area. BTWI am looking forward to KC I have heard it's a fun city and loaded with fountains.

Thanx in advance for any helpful suggestions.


Come on...there are places to train in KC, right?

Those sound like booby bars to me...and I am a travelling salesman, so I should know.

So far Wilkes-Barre, PA had the best names for "peeler-joints." There's one called Leave it to Beavers and another called SuperDads (kind'a sick, huh?).

If these are legitimate places to train, thanx...and do you have any more info on them (websites, phone numbers, etc.)?

apparently this thread is limited to coloreds (names that is) I assure you that was by accident as I don't believe in limited threads on an open forum. Any non-coloreds are encouraged to post responses on the attn dave garcia training in kc thread by zealot66. Thanx and my aplogies for my mistake.

Are you ever in Michigan anymore?

Hey Garcia, I heard that in KC there is a dojo called the blue oyster. Your balloon-knot might get a good workout.

I am only in Michigan about every other weekend.

Vitkay, you seem to know all the "back door" dojos. Glad someone appreciated that post.

If I leave now I can be in KC by 9:30 pm there...later.