Where to train in Niagara Falls?

what good places to train MMA, No-Gi, and stand up in Niagara Falls, Ont.?
I'll be there in the summer for a week and was wondering.


Niagra BJJ?

check out the grapplerarts website for schools



Rich Beaupit's Personal Performance Unlimited, St.Catharines. Home to Straight Blast Gym ATG, Niagara BJJ, and Rojer Lumyoungs Thai Boxing.
We offer training sessions in stand-up, clinch, ground, BJJ, Thai, weapons, and of course fully integrated MMA.

We have a 5,000 sq.ft facility. I just finished laying down 1520 sq.ft of 2" thick mats, and our Octagon will be finished shortly.

Classes available 6 days a week, afternoons and evenings. Please feel free to contact me for more info. (905) 329 -5425, or rich@richbeaupit.com

Take care,


ze mario esfiha's club!!

will you have wheels? nothing really in the fallsview tourist district except Gladiators where stanley ave meets thorold stone road which is 5min cab fare from the major hotels...youd have to get to St Catharines for solid mma training either check out Esfihas/Beaupits at Grantham Ave and Linwell Ave or better at DATC Downtown King St. and William St. which is exclusively for high intensity MMA sparring.

When in the Niagara Falls region, train only with Rich Beaupit, 'Ze Mario "Esfiha" and Vince Mattei at Personal Performance Unlimited/Niagara BJJ. They'll take good care of you.

Thanks guys for the recommendation. As Rich stated above the club has had a face lift. We have new mats,
wall to wall and a cage is almost complete. You can train in any of the martial arts that Rich mentioned.
In terms of instructors they are all certified and world class. And in terms of intensity you can train as hard or little as you want!!!


Vince niagarabjj.ca


Esfiha kicks butt.


Another vote for Rich's club.


Train with one of the best in the world - Esfiha @ Niagara BJJ. No Brainer.

ttt for Personal Performance Unlimited and Niagara BJJ

Nice !

i recently went to one of Esfiha's seminar...and it awesome. i thought he was a great instuctor.

ttt for training in Niagara area!!!!! Come and try out the only balck belt in the Niagara area!!! First class is free!!!

Vince www.niagarabjj.ca

If you go to the Niagara Falls area and you DON'T train with Esfiha, then I would say, "Good day to you sir," then I would turn my back on you and never speak to you again.

Dougie "I SAID GOOD DAY!" Nemeth