Where to train in panama city FL?

I'm moving to panama city and i was just wondering if there is any mma schools. Grapping,jiu-jitsu,kickboxing,ect... Thanks for you help.

i used to live there about 3 years ago. i never found any good places in the area. had to drive over to fort walton beach to train.

i live in pensacola if youre ever in town we can throw down

firstenergy:how far is fort walton beach? what school? that's cool your profile says your in the airforce. So am i, that's why i'm moving to panama city. i'm getting stationed at tyndall.

misfitsfiendjkd: what do you mean?

well if your ever in my neck of the woods we can spar or just hang whateva not many fighters here

yeah i was at tyndall for 3 years from 98-01. there a an security police kid that trained out of the gym there. he fought MMA before he joined and his ground skills were pretty good. but afterhe got PCS'ed there was no one train with. fort walton beach is a haul from tyndall, like an hour and a half. i got stationed at eglin AFB after tyndall which is in fort walton beach. look in the phone book when you get there cause some new schools might have popped up in the area.

I used to have a friends that lived off base in PC. He never found a good place to train. Mostly he trained on base with some other guys who had similar stories.

thanks everyone. I'll check it out when i get there. I don't get there until feb. 20th. Thanks again