where to train in PHOENIX?

taking a well-deserved vacation from the bitter cold of morgantown, WV... my girlfriend and i are headed to visit my brother in phoenix this weekend (feb 6-8). just wondering who has training on saturday and sunday... any contact info/links are greatly appreciated im an old man, so please be gentle




I know Megaton Diaz (Royler BB) has a school in Phoenix.

Jerry Laurita (Joe Morreira BB) has a school in Phoenix and has a BJJ class on Saturday from 1-2.

Address: 18631 N 19th Ave # 166, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Phone: (623) 582-3153


What part of Phoenix will you be in? It's a HUGE city and it's possible to take an hour and a half or more to go from point A to point B.

Terry G.

thanks for the info guys. i rolled at laurita's in norht phoenix on saturday, good guys. i was staying in awatukee (sp). it was quite a hike, but worht the drive. thanks again for the info