Where to train in Richmond, VA?

Just kidding. Don't anyone throw a shit fit. By the way, this is really AZChokester and I am 100% gay and proud. I got the People's Knee's password and am posting on his account.

Yes I am interested as well. Is there any polotics in Richmond?

I'm not sure, but I know that there is lots of gay sex there. It is for that reason that I'm moving there. In fact, I'll be making a documentary about the gay grappling scene and it will be filmed in Richmond - the gay grappling capital of the world.

Do gay grapplers have more accessories for their gis?

The gi pants have a trap door.

"The gi pants have a trap door"

Note to self, don't buy gi pants from Richmond.

"The gi pants have a trap door"

Note to self, buy several pairs of gi pants from Richmond.

Don't they do a lot of cross training in turkish oil wrestling up there?  Also, I heard a new documentary was being filmed and there are several "featured" interviews with those guys. 

PS By interview I mean explicit shots of male frontal nudity

Rodney is "in the know" with respect to Richmond.

I highly recommend TPK's school: www.worldclasskick.com.

and so it begins


That's Joe Gray's school. 

I own and run: http://www.richmondbjj.com/

You might also want to check out Andrew Smith's (a.k.a. Goatfury) Yamasaki school in Richmond:  http://www.grappling.com/

My Name is David Jacobs, I'm straight ouuta SouthSide Richmond. I train in ass kicking and Prison Luvin. I will kick all your asses and have sex with you after! Don't mess with me fools!

THE JACOBS CHALLENGE: I will kick your ass, break your joints and use lotion when I give you a hand job.

I'm Dave Jacobs Bitches!


TTMFT for my school, www.LloydIrvin.com .

I am Klint Radwani.

I thought this was TPK's website?


I am Eric Burdo and I teach here.

LMteenytinyDO @ this thread


I'm really Chris Mahan, and I run a killer school here:



I'm REALLY Giuseppi Gracie and I run a killer school here: