Where to train in Saint John, N.B.

I'll be in Saint John for Christmas. I get there  on the 19th and stay till the 30th. I know that the holidays are a time for family and all. I will be spending the most of my time with my family and old friends.

 If there a planed grappling session that i could get in on, it might be fun! I would like to see what is going on back east.

Hey Sam I hope to see you! so I can say Merry Christmas!is there a club in Moncton? maybe we could meet in the middle??

 My mom has my trip all planed out so it might be hard to get away from her. Let me know what is up?

There is Al Blois that trains here out of his house. We really don't have much of a club but I'm looking to change that. My number is 333-8269. Give me a call when you get into town.

Nathan, "Couch Fu" is SUPPOSED to be trained out of your house, specifically the living or rec room...

Sheesh, some people never learn.


Nathan I  saved you number in my cell. my mother lives out on Gondola point rd. I would at least like to chat and see what the seen is like. are you guys are mostly MMA?

Sam I have a email otis666@hotmail.com (i'm not really satanic but back in the day it was funny to me)


I live in Forrest Hills on the East Side mofo. Give me a call and we can hookup at least.

If Nathan offers to buy you a drink, don't accept it.

You'll wake up the next morning with a killer hangover and you won't be able to shit for a week.

At least thats what the minister from his church told me.

Hey Nathan, all the best to you and your family over the holidays. You to JHR .


Thanks Randy. All the best to you and yours.


Now quit kissing ass and help me rag on Nathan.



I actually thought that "halloween pic of Chad" was Nathan

LOL !!

Are there any MMA/NHB events in that area at all??
Other than Tough-Man bar fights??

Nathan and dubby have a annual tug-off each year if your interested.

Yo Tony it is Sam AKA OYAMA- how are you man!!!??? Seeing as you are going to be back in NB for Christmas come and see me man! You can stay at my house and we can train at my club. If you can make it back to Miramichi for another visit do not worry about thing- it has been to long! If you cannot make it to Miramichi for a visit, I will be in Moncton on Dec 22 to do a presentation for work, but it would be hard to find a place to train- perhaps we could go to the CEPS (gym at the University of Moncton). If you get a chance give me a call Tony- 506-778-9571.
Take Care,

Sam it is good to hear from you, I'll give you a call when I'm get to mom's. I'll try to make a plan! I'll see you soon.