Where to train in Toronto? Thanks

BJJ, grappling, mma.....thank you!

Well there is a BJJ place downtown called rebellion jiu jitsu. I think this is the addy www.rebellionjj.com

www.showdown.ca...look under resources.

There are many clubs in Toronto and the surrounding area.

From Shah Franco, to the Rebellion locations, to Karma and Bravado, to Kombat Arts, to Zeerebel's place. Many, many locations.

Where are you located?

Is there anyone who knows Franco's and carlos newton's address??

Shah Franco MA is located at 3385 Yonge St., about
three blocks north of Lawrence Ave., W (east side,
at Golfdale Rd).


Easy access from subway and the 401, he is actually
just a stones-throw from York Mills Rd as well, just
south of the 401.

I used to live on York Mills Road with my ex.

Oh the painful memories.

We do submission wrestling at minoru which is located at Queen and Dufferin every Saturday and Sunday

Our Main focus is wrestling take downs, wrestling ground game with submission thrown into the mix

check our website for more details


Scott Schilling
Brown Belt 2nd Stripe
Sylvio Behring Team
9 Years BJJ Experience
Teaches at K.A.T.A. Kombat Arts Training Academy


Hey isn't Carlos Newton in Newmarket?

Karma Martial Arts
World Class BJJ and No-gi ( submission wrestling )
and Top notch Muay Thai

located in Woudbridge at Marycroft and HWY 7. We have the highest ranked instructor in the GTA ( Black Belt 2nd degree ). Wagnney Fabiano has prooved himself as one of the finest BJJ guys in the world
( pan-am champ, multiple Brasilain National titles, and Bronze as a black belt at the 98 worlds, in no-gi NAGA and Grapplers Quest titles recently). Wagnney has also proved himself to be a top instructor. He counts guys like George St. Pierre ( UCC/TKO champ ), Pan-am bronze medalist Scott Lewis, all the guys at Gamma in Montreal, among his students. We have a lot of extremely talented Grapplers, we are very good No-gi and GI. Wagnney is in Brasil right now helping Joao Rogue train for his fight mma in Shooto Japan, and when in Brasil he's a regular training partner of Vitor "Shoalin" Ribiero. Wagnney has only fought MMA once professionally ( 1-0 UCC champ), but he has trained it for years ( thats why top guys like Shoalin and Roque train MMA with him ).

Wagnney's knowledge of BJJ and no-gi is second to none in the GTA. He rolls with his students, and passes on techniques and strategies that work.


KaskK, do you guys take Visa for Gi's and other stuff?

Of course we'll take your visa to buy gi's and stuff!

Seriously, to answer the question posed by this thread. Where to train. Train somewhere you are likely to go to regularly. Train with teachers and students you get along with. Train with an instructor whose teaching method works for you. Last. but certainly notleast, always train with a highly qualified instructor.


I love you guys and I love visa.


I love everyone!

...except my ex-girlfriend. But I'm not bitter!

I would like to thank everyone for the precious help!

You are welcome.


Dougie's not bitter, he's married.