Where to train in Victoria?

Going to be visiting friends in Victoria, and was wondering where I can drop in a check a class. Looking for clubs that train Grappling/MMA. I know a couple of my friends there have said thier interested in starting some sort of training.

Isn't Mahood's gym in Victoria?? If so they are the best out there.

I'm pretty sure that the PG Fight Club ( Bill Mahood's ) is here in Prince George. I have been known to be wrong on occasion, though.

Mahoods is in Prince George.


Contact Adam Zugec: azugec@hotmail.com. He may let you drop
in for a class.


Peterec martial arts is in Victoria and has a good MMA program.Phone # 250-389-6166. Just ask for Stan Peterec.

Zugec is awesome. Nice guy, too.

Definately look up Adam - he is one of my training partners and VERY knowledgeable

Stephan Kesting

Adam is the Man.

if you want to train with a jerk, train with adam. he's got skill but no personality.

dude, I hope you are friend of Adam who posted that as a joke.

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Hey bleeeatch, where did you get that opinion?I train at Peterec's and the only reason I train there is that it is more fighter orintaited.But I have checked out Adam's a couple of times and found him very nice with a great personality.

P.S.Who the hell are you?


How is the fight card coming on the Island so far?

ojja, The fight card is coming along very nicely. I will post it soon as the majority of it is completed.

bleeeatch: If you are who I think you are, this is NOT cool. I would
expect better from you.


Thanks Dogfight, Peak and CBK for the back up.

Bleeeatch who are you?


i was in victoria last august and got a chance to train at adam zugecs place and it turned out to be great, alot of skilled guys to work wit. i also stopped by stan peterecs club but did not train. they both have skilled guys and i would deffinately recommend checking both clubs out.

Check out Adam's school; perfect place to train. Great (and receptive) guys with skill there and you'll learn tons. I've studied under Adam before and you'll be hard-pressed to find better instruction, let alone on the island. As for Peterec's or other schools: I've heard good things but can only vouch for Zugec's.

btw: Adam, thanks again for the training time over the holidays.
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