Where to Train near Richmond, VA?

I just got into Richmond last nite. I will be here until Wed Oct 13. Are there any plcaes to train nearby. I remember as a kid there was a Gramby school of wrestling in VA anyone know anything about this.

I enjoy Boxing, kickboxing, judo, wrestling, jiu jitsu and long walks on the beach;)

Any help is much appreciated.

To the guys bustin' their asses in MI...What up!!
Train hard and fight harder.

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your not too far from lloyd irvin's school and he is the bomb


I am pretty sure you can find mormon bibles in richmond too.

Charles, already checked my hotel night stand...jackpot!

Thanks fo the help, guys.

Lloyd Irvin si the bomb and a really cool guy. Where ishis school?

Actually Lloyd is in Camp Springs Maryland, but Leo Dalla is in VA, as well as many other Lloyd affilliates.

Thre was a Lynxx Academy there too. Not sure if it's still there. I think it was on Woodman Road.

I believe that the Irving school is merging with
Prodigy Martial Arts. Give Prodigy a call. It is a
great school.

I had no idea VA was such a hot bed of MMA activity. I am pumped. Thanks for your help. Thanks to the UG I train all over with my travels for work...thank God, it is what keeps me sane. I've also met some really great peeps along the way.

Thanks Kirik.

Senoir Slam- Let me know if you ever get down by Tampa, Clearwater area bro....You know you can crash here....Fridge is stocked with brewhas.;)

Shannon, I have a feeling I'll be in FL in the next couple of months. You'll be the first Mofo I look up, Droog. How's your bro doing I haven't talked to him in a while.

Hey Dave check out www.worldclasskick.com they have a brown belt that teaches and a 5th degree Rickson Black Belt as well! Or call 804-262-3344 I teach there big classes and alot of guys to roll with! Hope to see you there!

Look up World Class Martial Arts. (Formerly Richmond Linxx) Joe Gray is a Brown Belt unde Pedro Sauer and is a hell of a nice guy. Tell him the Wil in lynchburg gave you the info. His school is off of Parham Rd.


Have you been doing any Ref'n lately.....is Dean Pyles still doing his shows in Galax ?

itsahak is correct. Linxx is now World Class Martial Arts.

btw, Lloyds school in Northern VA is at least an hour and a half drive north, no traffic.

NHBFights, I plan on going Thurs. I'll let you know.

Dave when you make it to south florida email me and we can get you some good trainin at ffa :).

You know I will.

Chad Lebrun (Lloyd Irvin student)teaches in Fredricksburg VA and an hour north of Richmond