Where to train? New Jersey

 doing some work in New Jersey (around east brunswick) this weekend. Got all day Friday and Sunday afternoon off and want to put in some training. Boxing, muay thai, jits, tkd

Where would be the best place to go to get in a good 2-3 hr standup and grappling workout? i'm game for anything as long as i get a good workout/mat time and i'm wiling to a pay for a private for the right person.   

AMA, super hospitable and super talented guys

Im from EB. If you find a good school let me know so when I go back I can check it out.

I train at Advanced Martial Arts in North Brunswick and really like it - heres the website, and a link to a sample of Brian's instruction:

advancedbjj.com - it hasnt been updated in forever

Theres some other good places kinda nearby too - Almeidas in Hamilton was mentioned, but I think he has an affiliate somewhere in east brunswick.

Cranford Judo has top notch judo players, and Dave Ellis (an absolute monster on the mats) teaches a jiujitsu class too. www.cranfordjkc.com

Princeton has a good judo club too that Ive just started going too: princetonjudo.com.

I dont have a website or anything, but if your work gives you any relation to Rutgers, they have a BJJ club. They scored another good instructor with Ademir Oliveira this year, and its basically a free program. Might be packed right now though, since its the beginning of the year. If youre really interested, PM and Ill find some more info. from some of the guys in the club.

 Ricardo has a great BJJ school, but doesn't any MMA classes.  Kurt P has a school more south Jersey which has a lot more MMA classes to train from. 

Oh I forgot to add that if MMA is your thing, Advanced has a few pro fighters you can train with too - the most well known I think is Ricardo Romero - he fights in the ROC all the time.

you can try out Alex Wilkies in Bridgewater. alexwilkiemma.com

I can tell you that they will probably have the cheapest open mat fee around, and the least expensive gym dues.

 thank you markirons.

went to Advanced Martial Arts and got to get toyed with by Ricardo and the guys there. top notch jits.

mat fee was reasonable and Brain and all the guys there were very hospitable. always like to go somewhere and get reminded i know nothing