Where to train?

HI all

I'll only have time to get in 1 or 2 sessions but where would you all recommend training MMA/BJJ in either Tokyo or Kyoto.

Where are Enson Inoue's Purebred gyms located?



Depends where yu are staying, how far you're willing to travel, how big you are and what exaclty you're looking for. For some gyms it helps if you know somebody there already that can introduse you to it. No shortage of places for sure - G-Square (TK's gym. really good), the whole WK Network WK, RJW, A-3, GODS,...), Grabaka, Paraestra, K's Factory, P's Lab, Purebred, Killerbee, Axis jj(They changed their name I think and I don't know the new name), Chute Box and so on and so on.

Purebred is in Omiya Saitama. The station for the gym is past omiya called Higashi Omiya.

Thanks Silk. At the moment it looks like I'm staying in Ikebuhara in Tokyo and near the Imperial palace (not sure what the suburb is) in Kyoto. Willing to travel within a few stops of the train system...up to 20 -30 min I guess? I'm not big - only 5'8" and about 150 lbs.