Where to trg in Vegas?

My job requires some travel, and Nov 13 - 15th I will be leaving Atl and going to Vegas for a convention.

I am currently training for my first NAGA in GA on Dec 2, so the travel could not come at a worse time.

Is there any where to train nearby so that I can pick up a class or open mat roll.

I will be staying at the Mirage if that helps.

Thank you in advance


Whenver I'm in Vegas I go to Cobra Kai. There's been a lot said on here about Laimon, but I have nothing but good things to say about him and his school...great group of guys. Convenient to get to as well. Check out www.ckjj.com.

Thank you, I will do that

LV Combat Club? are they still around? Im in GA myself (not at the moment) NAGA Gerogia is a good time, big gym with 10 rings. Bring shower shoes (flip flops) if you plan to take their cold showers, the floor is nasty.

Can't wait, I heard they put on a great event.

Thanx for the heads up on the flops

u gotta go to cobra kai.

cobra kai

Same here....

Whenver I'm in Vegas I go to Cobra Kai.

I guess that is it then, Cobra Kai it is.

Thank you