Where to watch the UFC in Ipanema Brasil?

Anyone know of a good and safe place for Gringo's to watch the UFC in the Ipanema/Copa area? I'll be there from Dec 11-Dec 24 so I want to watch the Aldo vs McGregor card.

And No I won't go into the favela's to watch it.

Pretty much everywhere will be showing it.

Are you there just to chill or will you be training? Anyhow I recommend just finding a bar thats advertising it that you like the look of. If you are training or doing anything MMA related just ask someone. 


Now I've got that song stuck in my head.

"Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes watching..."

We will be on vacation my wife is Brazilian. The last time I was there (3 years ago) we couldn't find a place showing it. I was hoping there was a group of UG'ers in the area.

I will be cheering for Jose!

I watched a UFC in impenema years ago. A sports bar adjacent to the beach. Can't remember the name but ask around and you will find one. Phone Post 3.0

A lotta self loathing caucasianism in OP Phone Post 3.0