Where to watch the UFC tonight- Denver area??

My fellow UG'ers always have helped me in the past find some great places to watch the fights...I am in Denver for work and looking for suggestions as to where to watch the fights tonight.

Any good spots??


Is there a Hooters or BWW out there? They usually show them. Other wise I can call you and let you listen to them over the phone.

Funny! Ya, I know everywhere that is showing them, just looking for some advice on the best spots...
Shouldn't you be out in Denver from all of the hail!!

you tell me where they are showing them, I'll tell you what to expect at each spot.

303 Represent!

any bufalo wild wings or hooter will show them.

my house in borefield. all guys, mostly TUF noobs. did I sell that well enough for ya'?

Hit up Gibby's in Aurora....not a bad crowd but I did have a guy ask me about the Couture fight before the decision was announced. I told him that Randy lost the decision...the guy asked me if, "this was my first mma fight" that I have watched.