Where Vacirca brothers are?

It is a long time we have no news from these two guys, both black belt in BJJ.

I'd like to know, where, when and from who they got the black belt.
If they ever competed in any grappling-BJJ fight and, if so, with what kind of result.
Experience of guys who trained with them.
If they ever were able to run an event without pulling out at the last minute (name of the event).


Dont waste yer time.


I heard they were frauds.



Something to tell, Roberto? We are talking on Vacirca brothers.

Atalla, Leo Santos says hi!

Hi Kashk:

I've already heard he is in Canada with his brother Wagney, send them my best regards from rainny London;-).

Dino, My question is: Who are the Vacirca? No one, so don't waste your time.

Happy 2004 everyone!!!

Cool, Leo says thanks.

Understand Roberto! hehe