Where was Cesar Gracie?

i didn't see him in nick's corner during the breaks.

did you?

He was there.

Cesar Gracie is a fool. He taught Nick BJJ at an early age, but I have doubts about what he has contributed to Nick in recent years. It's basically Richard Perez, sparring partners, and Diaz's own interest in conditioning that has prepared Nick for fights. Cesar doesn't have to do anything but run his mouth. He's lucky to have a guy like Nick who takes it upon himself to stay in shape, train like a madman, and wins fights without a gameplan.

what about Gilbert, Nate and Jake then?

Well that's just like, your opinion, man... Phone Post

Titos Cracked Skull - what about Gilbert, Nate and Jake then?

he's not Jake's head coach. Jake has someone else for that Phone Post