Where was Yamamoto?

He already won his spot by beating Kerr; why would he lose it by losing to Crocop, who had already earned his own spot by beating Waterman?

For being a complete can and a dumbass as well.

Probably because he's now retarded after what Mirko did to him.

Well the complete can gave herring a hell of a fight. He's really not that bad and did better agianst Crocop than a lot of fighters.

Yamamto is not a "can." He jsut doesn't belong in Pride, maybe KOTC. He'd do pretty well there.

Well, he's no more of a can than Gan mcgee, bobish, goodridge, dos caras, giant silva, sentoryu, stefan leko, ron waterman, la giant, jan njorte are.

I would say he's better than most of them.

If you are calling Tokoi s can - the you are surverely ill -in.f

No, I would have to agree Yamamoto is a can. The guy has size, which is rare for Japanese fighters, but he just isn't really good at anything...

He's tough but his biggest claim to fame is "knocking out" Kerr.

whateva.. yamamoto already njorte anyways.

Yamamto gave herring a way better fight than Gan did. gan's a joke. Can for sure. Bobish? Petey my eye.

Goodridge. He lost to Ogawa.

Waterman. Lol.

I agree with Robin. The 4 fighters he mentioned don't belong in the same group as the rest of those mentioned.

LOL - sorry I fell asleep while typing.