Where will I train in Edmonton?

I am visiting Edmonton for a week and would like to get a couple training sessions in while I am there. I love training in other cities and meeting new people.

I am looking to do some BJJ, preferably in the gi. I am a blue belt under Jorge Gurgel out of FitPlus in Halifax.

Any help is sincerely appreciated.

I am staying in the south end of Edmonton, near the rugby field.

When are you going to be in Edmonton? I'm there the week of the 18th to the 23rd (and fighting in Edmonton on the 24th)...

I've heard great things about the Hyabusa training center and Legends.

Unfortunately I will not be there for the fights.

I am going there this Thursday for one week.

If you want quality gi training i say go see Kyle Cardinal he runs tuesdays-thursdays out of millenium place

Kyle at millenium = BEST

Kyle Cardinal

Kyles is close to the south side a variety of belts and great rolling, 2 blackbelts , 3 brown and a purples and blues and a ton of whites all different sizes.
More than welcome to come check it out.

here is the website with directions and timings.



Instructor Rodigo Resende
I started training Judo when I was 5 years old with my father, Geraldo Resende. As soon as I started to get interested for competition, he took me to train with his master, sensei Takeshi Miura, who's 9th degree of black belt in Judo.

When I was 14 years old I also started taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes to help me improve my Judo ground work. Ever since then, Jiu jitsu became part of my training routine as well.

In my city, at this time the relationship between most of the BJJ’s schools wasn’t really good. I never took sides of any BJJ teams back home, their goals wouldn't walk together with mine. I'd always focus first on learning. For that reason, I trained in many schools to avoid dealing with situations I was not willing to. Therefore, I would also learn as much as possible, being taught from diverted sources of knowledge.

I moved from Brasília to Salvador for a year and I also trained with the BJJ masters Edson Carvalho and Ricardo Carvalho. After that, I moved to São Paulo and Belo Horizonte for a couple of years in order to get in a training center for Judo athletes. I represented my State, my University and also my Country a couple of times before and after I get back home.

My first contact with Companhia Paulista BJJ Team was with Master Carlos "Português", in Brasília. He's always had open arms with anybody who really wanted to train. He's got awesome skills in BJJ, and is also an amazing person. "Good blooded", like we would say in Brazil. After that with Edgard Luck, also BJJ Black Belt under Master Milton Maximiliano (one of the Cia Paulista Masters), who invited me to be part of the team.

Today I am proud to be a 3rd degree Judo Black Belt and 2nd degree BJJ Black Belt, under master Maxiniliano, and being the leader of Companhia Paulista Canada Team in Edmonton, Alberta.

Elite Taekwondo - Southside
Legends Training Centre - Central
Spirit Taekwondo - Northside

Okay, going to check out Cardinal's tonight.

I sent an email, but got no response.

I think I'll just show up nice and early so they can send me packing if they don't welcome outsiders.

I'm a little burned out from travel, but I'd rather train than hang out at the inlaws' all night.

thanks for comin out buddy! i just checked my email sorry i didnt get back to u sooner.

Kyle Cardinal

Cardinal's got a good bunch of guys and gals there and is a great instructor.

I had a great time last night (despite getting squashed like a bug a couple times!) I'll be back a couple more times before I leave.

I'm in Edmonton a couple times a year, so it's nice to have a place to go here.

Nice to meet and get tapped by new friends in BJJ!

fakezaga got wrists like tree trunks! goodgod!

kckyote - fakezaga got wrists like tree trunks! goodgod!

It's from all the tapping!

We're raising a collection.

A collection to get Fakezaga a rashguard.

nostripewhite - We're raising a collection.

A collection to get Fakezaga a rashguard.

You'd know I have one if you ever came to no-gi. Or any class, really.