Where will Jeremy Lin end up next year?

I'm not a Rockets fan or a Lin fan but I did enjoy watching him during his Linsanity run. And he seems like a pretty nice guy. Every time I catch a Rockets game on tv he plays pretty well. But it's becoming pretty obvious that McHale doesn't want Lin to be their starting PG. The Rockets probably don't want to pay him $15 mill next year.

So is he going get traded? If so, who's desperately in need of a PG? Or is he simply going to get cut and never play in the nba again? Or are the rockets going to keep him?

He's too good to get cut, not enough upside to get a starting gig.

But, there is a strong Asian following for Houston, and even though he doesn't get huge minutes or starts, McHale does put him in at the end of many games, and uses him as a change of pace type player. Think Manu Ginobli, Jamal Crawford, Bobby Jackson, etc

I believe the Rockets actually love having him come off the bench. It gives them a huge advantage. And honestly, I'd rather be the guy finishing the game rather than starting.

And digging even deeper, Harden and Lin's strengths are the same, driving and scoring. And they are both too mediocre on D. They don't need to be on the court at the same time unless scoring is priority number one. When you have a guy like Harden dominating the ball, why have a guy like Lin out there? He's not a knockdown shooter or a defensive stopper. It's better to have a PG like Beverly who will play good D and stay out of the way on offense.

So, basically, Lin will be part of a very good, well put together Rockets team for several more years.

^ I hope you're right. I think he can be pretty good with the right team. I agree that he and Harden just don't click when they're on the court together. I'm just doubtful that someone will pay him $15 million. He's a good 6th man but not as good as the players you mentioned.

the Lakers apparently

yeah, and they probably screwed up since they aren't getting Bosh.

Lin isn't going to get them to the playoffs but the Lakers got the better end of that trade.

PoundforPound - Lin isn't going to get them to the playoffs but the Lakers got the better end of that trade.

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The Lakers are going to suck for a few years. They better spend some money in free agency after next season. They're a train wreck.