Where will Tito go after tonight?

i'm guessing wwe...

I'm guessing an after party.

Then to a showdown with Vitor Belfort.

ufc wants him around. hes still a big name they spent alot building

good luck to Tito, he knows what to do tonight and I'm sure he will get in done.



the winners circle.(whatever that is)

I don't even like Tito but I know he'll be celebrating later tonight

I think he's going to your house, where he'll stand on the front steps and scream "TITOWNED!" at your window for an hour.

To the see pope and ask for forgiveness for wreaking Cote. Then see Vitor for the beating that everyone has been wanting for.

cause no one really cares about this UFC

oh yeah, LOL @

Canada is invading

this UFC is great , all fight a competitive , and thats all im asking (all copetitive execpt tito vs cote , but the what if is too strong in that fight for it not to be interesting)

He and Baroni should form a tag team in the KOTC or the RITC.

Tito wants no part against vitor.

Victor will hurt that Tito?

Tito/Vitor, please don't bore me.