where you get your morning coffee?

I used to be all about the Starbucks Venti drip, but now honestly?

McCafe all the way.

I don't drink coffee. I do have my morning low carb Monster after my protein shake though.

i could never drink coffee but i drink a xyience xenergy thing every morning the blue pom is good stuff :)

Straight Red Bull action for me.
5 Hour Energy as of late though.

does that 5 hr energy stuff really work?

I was wondering the same thing.

Oh Man...Jimmynaks on a 5hr energy shot?


Yeah, the stuff is pretty good...
PF thinks it's full of crap but honestly, it's not just energy I seem to be a little more focused (less A.D.H.D) when I pound one down.

I wait until I get to my office -- it's free there. I know, I'm chang.

sounds good ill try it on my next xenergy run :)

Starbucks=light skinny bitch latte/iced Americano.

Only once a week........gotta pay for training;)

I brew my morning coffee at home (Foldgers), because my commute to work is an hour and 20..........

Xenergy + the 5 hr. shot?

wow SAS!

lol its how i do the million gajillion things at work all at the same time :P

Simply Orange orange juice. Good stuff.

coffee gallery in North Shore market place, good coffee and a couple hot chicks!! ;)

Covenant books and coffee in Kaimuki, otherwise Times supermarket cafe, B&N or Starbucks.

I like CoffeeTalk, is the that place in Kaimuki next to CrackSeed?

I used to go there a cruise for hours.

Used to be Starbucks, Ward Ave near the Sports Authority. Venti Americano.

Now, I just make my own Kona Coffee at home.

Coffee Talk is across from the bank, Covenant is a Christian bookstore, but they're known for their daily soups. My daughter and I like to walk around Kaimuki and eat breakfast at Covenant.

Wasn't the old coffee store by the crackseed place a gay hangout?

Cruise huh?

best kona coffee (this is the kainaliu--they're "lower" line) is kona joe's. even brought it to canada to use whilst surfing the HG!