Where's Chris Haseman now?

Anyone know where I can contact Chris? I met him back in '96 or so when he was in Japan for a RINGS bout. We went drinking with some of the Holland fighters after his matches. He still competing?

you should post this on the australasian forum and you will most liekly get an answer

He's training for a fight in April with the Spartan promotion in Surfer's Paradise.

you are correct Emphatik, my mistake. I thought I was in the australasian forum when I logged in. Must be Alzheimer's or Dementia kicking in.

Don't up-size that haterade next time dude.

As Todd said he's fighting in April against Bill Mahood.

Don't know about fat with tits. When I saw him about 3mths ago he looked solid and ripped.

Please don't feed the trolls.