Where's Dave Benetau??

He was good in his day, what's he doing now?

He's a lawyer in Ontario now.

Ran into him at wrestling practise up at SFU a few weeks back. Yep he's a lawyer now and happy with it. Big dave can still wrestle like hell and move like a cat !

Does he still have a mullet?

What am I saying? He's Canadian. Of course he does.

DEndawg, Do you know Mikhail Abdul Latif? he's SFU's Heavyweight wrestler, and a friend of mine.

DW, maybe by face only. I don't think I've met him. Haven't gone there in about 2 weeks tho. Be back up there this week so I'll let you know.

Once you get schooled by Obake, the end is near.

Abdul Latif is a tough MOFO. I've watched him wrestle a few times. He's from Washington originally isn't he?? Dendawg if you were really training at SFU with the wrestlers you would definitely know him. He kind of stands out.

I'm not sure what city he is in, but I have seen him train and once had the pleasure of rolling with him at wagnney fabiano's club just north of toronto.

Hey Dendawg do you guys have practice today? I haven't worked out in 2 years!!! and it is time to get in shape (as my current round shape ain't gonna hack it this summer). I tried to call one of the numbers for Soares but it didn't work. Do you guys only have practice Mon-Thurs? I am going back to school on Mon (Mon and Wed) only, so Tuesday is doable, but the weekend would be nice.

Meek is my good friends older brother, and one hell of a wrestler. He wrestles at HW, but is only about 220. His brother Zak, who i went to HS with is also a great athlete, Future NFL QB.

From what I remember (unless they changed the weights) university wrestling had 90kg and 130kg (but now that is down to 120 I guess). Too bad that no 100kg class (or there abouts) exists like it does in international.

Does he wear the tights into the courtroom?

Where's he practicing?

I don't know where he practices his wrestling, but he comes into Karma Martial Arts in Woodbridge from time to time to roll.

I saw him on Off The Record the other day on TSN. I don't agree with everything he said but he's coherent and articulate.

I saw him once at Karma in Toronto and in person he is one big mother. Huge. Not tall, just wide.

He's a lawyer now.

I heard a rumour that he's a lawyer ?

Anyone confirm ?



Abdul is a tough wrestler and a nice fellow from Vaschon Island,Washington.BTW Denis,just look for the black guy with big hair.Nick will introduce you.

Sothy,if you want to wrestle on weekends,I beleive practice starts at SFU start around 10 am on Sat.If that's too far away and early for you,SFU/Mongolian National Team coach,Lhamaa Naidan,holds a drop-in class at Coccoon Athletics every Sat 2 pm,downtown Vancity.He's one of the world's top coaches,and took 4th at The World's in '89.His specialty is footsweeps.

Dave Beneteau is getting married later this week.

Dave's marrying a lawyer ?