where's everybody watching ufc?

for me, someplace where the tits look like owls?

I'm stuck home reading the results....lame! Everyone was flaky today, so I'm here reading about the great k.o's! I'll be dl later off the net and watching it.

wound up watching it streaming.

Great show Phone Post

Was going to watch it at The Varsity but felt like 100degrees out there so I went across the street to Rock Bottom. I must say its a pretty decent place.

A little on the old and rickety side but great service, pretty good food and cute waitresses. Look like a found myself a new home to watch future UFCs.

Home Bar n Grill off of Kalakaua Ave, good pupus, gotta make reservations..  

Can you believe Tito pulled off a submission win?  wtf?  

Props to Leben too - my heart goes out to Wandy.  i hope he doesn't keep going like Liddell...

I had FearMir text me results as I stayed Home and stared at the ceiling

Like a Boss Phone Post