Where's Jeremy Jackson?

What is the current state of the career of Jeremy Jackson? I really wanted to see this guy fight some strikers, you could tell he had some capable and potentially devastating hands in the Diaz fight. Diaz showed a lot more respect for his standup than he did for Lawlers? A fight against Lawler would have been a slugfest, probably the UFC was protecting Lawler in not making that gith. I know he was signed to focus on boxing...any fights coming up in that area.... I'd like to see him throwdown again in either genre....UPDATE PLEASE!


Momita, where are you?

Momita knows!

he deserves to be in the ufc

I don't know what jackson has in those hands but when he lets it loose lookout!

In the words of Jeff Blatnick...

"He's got heavy hands"

Of course Blatnick said that about almost every fighter in every fight he ever commentated in.....:)



ttt for info