Where's Jeremy Jackson?

What's "The Scoripon" up to these days? Still boxing? I sure as hell would like to see him back in the MMA ring ASAP. I thought he fought great against Nick Diaz in his UFC debut and hope he still sees a future in MMA for himself. I know he lost a family member and I hope that he has been able to get through that. He used to post alot @ another smaller forum I posted on and was a totally cool and candid guy.

Momita, let Jeremy know he still has alot of fans in the MMA world and I personally hope he is doing well and plans on fighting again.


thank you Zen, no, he's not boxing, he's... well he's not handling his brothers death very well. Hard to deal with a loss when there was an almost twin like closeness & yet so much left unsaid, ya know? He's so busy kicking his own ass, he doesn't have much time for anything else... and I can't do a dam thing to help it seems. 

Hope and prayers.


Jeremy has an opportunity here to live his life to the fullest, he is now
living for himself and Oscar. I wish the best for him and you.

momita I'm very sorry to hear that Jeremy is having such a hard time dealing with his brothers death. I have never lost anyone that close to me and I can only imagine how hard it is moving on without them. From all I've seen of Jeremy he is a strong man who will not let this stop him for long, I hope his love for fighting returns because he has alot of fans and alot of talent. Please let him know that we are wishing him the best regardless of if he decides to box do mma or not.

I'd also like to thank you for always being there to pick up, offer words of encouragement and generally inspire pretty much everybody on the different forums I've posted on with you.

Thanks, zen

If Jeremy wants to get out of country and needs a place to stay my door is always open to him Momita. Let him know.

Jeremy is a great fighter, I hope he fights through this and can be strong. It cannot be easy.

He is coming back to MMA!! IN due time. He will bring excitement back to MMA!

Any son of Momita is welcome at my house.

best of luck to him.Everyone has to deal w/death in their own way.Look foward to seeing him again in the ring.I think we all can agree he's a real good fighter and really fun to watch.Always comes to fight.

My brother passed away in 1986 and it still sucks, he was 22 and i was 13 so we did not have the closeness that Jeremy and Oscar had but i know how hard it is.

Jeremy was the first person i ever trained MMA with and he is one of the nicest and funniest people i have ever met. I wish him and the whole Jackson family nothing but the best and i cannot wait to see him getin the cage again.

I know it is frustrating Momita, i know my dad went thru the same thing with me but Jeremy is a very strong person and he will be ok, Time and good memories will ease the pain

He was scheduled to fight at the next WEC on August 18th against Cassio Werneck,that date is off but, I hear that they will fight in October in WEC.

Goodluck Jeremy!!!!

TTT for the Scorpion!

Hope Jeremy figures things out for himself soon. I dont even know what I'd do if I lost one of my brothers. I can't even imagine.

"He was scheduled to fight at the next WEC on August 18th against
Cassio Werneck,that date is off but, I hear that they will fight in
October in WEC.

Goodluck Jeremy!!!!"

I think this is a good fight for Jeremy if he is up for it.