Wheres Josh Barnett

I was just wondering if anyone knows if and when he's going to fight again. He said, like well over a year or so ago he was planning on fighting in Pride; and possiabily fighting Nog. I would like to see Josh fighting again,I think he's great guy who needs to put the past behind him ; and move forward. Personly I'd like to see him fight Ricco or the maniac. Ricco and Barnes would be exciting to watch because of their styles and size similars.

Barnett won't be in Pride any time soon. He's contracted with Inoki, and Inoki and DSE had a major falling out.

Barnett has become pretty popular in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Barnett's been a big puroresu fan for years, so this is probably like a dream come true for him.

I hate what happened to him I enjoyed watching his fights.

So does Barnett live in Japan? What kind of money do you think hes making over there?

not that it matters but Barnett's career decisions frustrate me.