wheres mike swick?

not that hes amazing or anything but the dood won alot and was fun to watch. where the eff is he?

He's fighting John Goulet @ UFN For The Tropps in mid December.

So, realistically speaking, how far is Swick going to go in the WW division?

I always enjoy watching him fight, except for the Burkman fight, but that was mainly Josh's fault, imo.

He was overpowered by Okami at 185 but shouldn't have as many problems with that at 170. His striking is great and his tk defense is good. Hard to imagine him beating someone like Alves, though. If he gets by Goulet, I'd love to see him against Diego.

Swick has good submissions, and damn good striking, if he keeps working with the likes of Fitch and Koscheck on his wrestling, he will absolutely be a force.

He is quick too.