Where's My K-1 Links/GIFs?

Hook me up Evil or CRE.

Anyone? IrishLew

Dailymotion is a great site.

Saw that one but thanks anyway. Looking for Royce vs Sak. Anyone who has it, I'm in your debt. Went out and watched Knocked Up instead, which by the way is a great movie.

Try This

Evil Master...

I'm looking for Big Perm's fight...you got that one?

I'm in Thailand struggling to keep up with MMA~~>it's hard here!

Sorry Ray..I don't have that one yet.

I'll trade you 2 lady boys...for that fight

Evilmaster, have I told you lately that I love you? Even the partial clip from the fight gave me goosebumps. Over the hill or not, those two guys amaze me and I would watch them fight over and over. Thanks for the help and how about the Chute Boxe jacket on Sak? Wanderlei is my fav and Sak isn't far behind.

God I miss Evilmaster's old site. Its a shame assholes ruined it for everyone.

You have MMA Mail Ray.