Wheres my SMITE players?

Looking for some OGERS to play SMITE with. I play with quite a few friends and a few people off of here but looking for some more people to play with. Jens Pulver frequently plays with us too. Sick of getting noob teams.
My ingame name is kylekempfer.

For those who don't know what SMITE is its a free third person MOBA still in open beta. Its the same concept as League Of Legends but its in third person and a lot more fun IMO. If you don't play and your interested you can download the game here. www.smitegame.com

or you can sign up with my link and get me some free points as you level up which gets me some free ingame mula.

Either way come play with us. Im thinking this game will become as popular as LoL once it gets out there.