Where's Sean Salmon At?

He hasn't fought since November of last year. Did he retire?



 oh yeah, and "at" is a preposition and should never be at the end of a sentence. 


HUGE WEEK!!!!  I have been getting a lot of emails lately asking when I will fight next and all I have been able to say is that I am still under medical suspension by the California State Athletic Commision.  Still, I cannot go into too much detail about the situation right now, however I can say that we have a huge meeting on Wednesday morning at 8am (PST) to get to the bottom of things. 

To let you know, these 6 months without fighting have been the longest and hardest of my life.  I identify myself as a fighter and not being able to fight has been unbelievably painful.  I have not felt like myself.  However, the wrestler in me has worked hard to turn a negative into a positive.  My stand up game has changed and improved 100%.  I have taken all the neccasary time to annalyze, pin-point and stengthen my weaknesses. 

The California Commision has taken away something very important to me for the last 6 months, but I believe that I have used the time they took from me to put myself back onto the track I was on when I first started this game....to the top. 

Lose and start again at your begginnings.


he was going to fight ron fields in march. haven't heard a lick since.

cool, glad he's doing ok

 His TDs on Rashad were absolutely sick.

If there was no striking he'd do great, but wrestling wise he's very good


 He's swimming upstream.

Did he not fight recently in Oregon or Canada? I saw him get choked by a nobody. It was on HDNet fights not too long ago, like a few weeks ago.

^^^ Never mind. That was last year. Just a repeat of an older IFO fight against Wiuff. Got choked.

 Regardless of what Sean says, he is still laying on the canvas from when Rashad kicked him.

Hahaha, thanks for the love everyone. Sean is doing fine, still on suspension from CSAC since last November. Cannot go into it, but Sean and The Pav will when the time is right.
Sean is training hard and working on a couple side projects. Helping his father-in-law with an upstart MMA promotion called "Ultimate Victory Challenge" in southeast Ohio, helping(ed) Tommy Rowlands ready for U.S Nationals and Olympic Team trials, and helping others ready for MMA fights.
I think all this time off will be a blessing in the long run.
Matt Salmon

TTT for Sean, great guy, and rest assured if he's on the sidelines, he's putting most of his effort into training others and furthering the sport.


Rowlands is a beast.

asleep IMO

hes in okinawa saving people trapped in buildings during a typhoon.