Where's The Love

... for Silva (Vanderlei not Giant)?

The guy does less than brutal murder in a fight against an opponent 70lbs heavier, after mostly training to fight completely different fighter, and still manages to go the distance AND now everyone is saying how he got owned and riding Mark Hunt's jock like he's the next big thing in MMA. WTF is with the fair-weather fans? Silva is still the toughest guy around 200lbs and will dominate accordingly.

I have no hate for him. I think he is a tough mofo who kicks a lot of ass. however, that isn't how he fought in this fight.

ttt for Vanderlei, that was a hell of a performance regardless of the judges decision.

Yeah, That's fine but my question is WTF is with all the Silva is done, who was really suprised, etc?

I can only wait until Silva fights and wins his next fight to see everyone on here saying how he made an amazing comeback (even though one loss isn't really going away) and how the Hunt fight was a fluke and that a rematch is needed so Vanderlei can win easily.

Has anyone actually said Silva is done?? If so, LOL.