Where's the Silverback?

if the Young Assassin deserves a shot in the UFC, so does Seth. What's
he been doing since the show?

Yea, dude, Seth rocked, why is he not in the big show??????????

Silverback vs. Buentello would be awesome

He had some skill and is exciting.

He has been practicing his "O" face...

Seth was signed to fight Rob MacDonald at UFC 58 but sustained a concussion in training that took him out. Last I heard from him, he was recovering for a hopeful UFC fight in the early summertime. Probably UFC 61 or 62 I'd guess.

Seth is doing a lot better.  I am sure that the 6 TV's and 15 inch speakers in his Hummer are not helping his head though.


On second thought Wham's "Wake me up before you go-go" doesnt have too much bass so it couldnt be that bad.


i'm glad to hear he's doin well.. hopefully we'll see him kickin some ass
in the octagon real soon!

Good to hear! I was wondering the same thing...

The IS300 wasn't pimp enough?

Excited to see you fight again, Seth.

Good luck Seth!... maybe you can patent the Silverback Spinning Kick!