where's your Crazy Monkey?

Is the use of the Crazy monkey stucture gone, i noticed up to FJKD3 it seemed to be the main part of the SBGi stand up curiculum but in FJKD3 i was surprised to see rodney in the background in alot of the different FJKD3 DVDs but when you hit the stand up DVD it's karl teaching standup i'm sure the material is good i just haven't had the chance to look at it yet but i was just curious what happend to the crazy monkey structure and do you guys still teach it at SBGi clubs? if not why?

See this thread-

I was just getting back into my stand up after a 5year lay off and was just curious, Funny I was always able to use the crazy monkey structure to weather the storm of more aggressive fighters without taking to much damage but I always had trouble making it part of my stand up game offensively as a whole. I always assumed I was doing something wrong, was missing some fundamental, or just didn't put enough hours into it to make it work for my game. I'd play my fancy elusive counter fighting game and spar with people and do great, then 2mins later i'd play the tighter CM game and my performance would suck offensively.

Anyways thanks for the reply it was a good read. I now see a few others were feeling the same way that the CM structure is a good tactic for beginners or when your overwhelmed I see it's like the closed guard in BJJ it's good defensively but it can limit your offensive development if you focus too much on it as your primary tactic in training.

Closed guard may be a good analogy...

i'm going to give his stuff a shot again, i've been doing stand up again for 3 weeks and was sparring for the first time again yesterday, and i noticed i don't have the cardio for the footwork i once had, and my timing-distance is so bad that playing an elusive attribute based game isn't a good idea. however i was having alot of success out of the CM structure then i had in the past, i barely got hit, i was landing my jab 80% of the time and when i got tired i would just crash the line and clinch, then i realized clinching and fighting for head position, underhooks etc. is even more tiring then the stand-up. But then again i've pretty much become that lazy bjj guy who prefers to take the path of NO RESISTANCE when ever he can.

Sounds a lot like my stand up game. :)

I hear you cprevost. i noticed in my game 50-60% of uppercuts, and 80% of leg kicks seem to be sneaking in on me.