Which 80s Action Bod is for You?

and that’s why I said he would probably be most preferred by the female faction. He was tall and athletic looking…seemed a bit stiff to me, in keeping with the Karate theory

When I judge a man’s looks, I go by what he could pull in terms of women. Chuck Norris didn’t pull enough hot tail, but his body was okay.

Sly was too ripped, and I never heard a girl say he was handsome or attractive, but he pulled some hot tail.

If I wanted to attract some hot strumpets, I would go with JCVD with a slight lean towards Dolph.

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^well of course any FrenchFry can charm the panties of the strumpets so long as he’s decent looking and JCVD was certainly an above average looking fellow…and yeah, I know he’s not officially French but close enough

I wonder if Dolph and JCVD were out clubbing which would get more tarts? I’m thinking JCVD has more charisma but it’s the physicality which they would see first. JCVD might be able to charm them away from Dolph?

Dolph because he’s tall

Rick rude slept with all their wives and then put on tights with their faces while hanging out in their master bedroom
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Definitely makes me stiff…

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