Which Approach do you Recommend


Which of Mr. Blauer's systems would you recommend studying if the goal was to gain personal proficiency in a down-and-dirty self defense system while traveling a lot and training mostly alone? I've read Mr. Blauer's website but am unclear as to whether SPEAR, PDR and Be Your Own Bodyguard are all principles encompassed in CFD Cert Series or if they're stand-alone systems. If they're stand-alone, do you recommend one more than the other given the goal stated above?

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Depending on your background/experience, the BE
YOUR OWN BODYGUARD package has the most
amount of information fo ryou to really lay a
foundation. theres a link on my site
www.tonyblauer.com to it on the second page, you
can also call Phil at my office for more info toll free

for Street confidence , we also have new tapes on
tactical applications of many of our training
concepts, tapes on knife control, gorundfighting,
multiple assailants, combat conditioning etc.

I always recomend the mind-set fear management
material first, if you were going to start anywhere.