Which armlock video?

I rarely ever get an armlock. If I am trying to improve this area which would you suggest Chris Brennans Kimura dvd or Roy Harris Armlock videos?

All of them are good. I guess it just depends on what you really
want to work on.

I really love Roy Harris' armlock vid.

Roy Harris' vids are awesome. Volume 1 is entirely devoted to the straight armlock (all varieties), and Volume 2 is Bent armlocks. Each covers the proper entries, mechanics, combinations, drills, counters, and more.


If it's no-gi, I'd really suggest Baret Yoshida's "Amazing Armlocks and Triangles" tapes. Note that Roy Harris doesn't show how to break the grip for straight armlocks on his armlocks tape, but Baret does. But Roy's tape is also good. Also, Nathan Leverton's guard tapes show a lot of armbars from the high guard in the sparring footage section (he also teaches some armbars, but I liked the armbars he did during sparring the best, since they are the ones that I have been able to pull off the most).

"If I buy Baret's "Amazing Armlocks and Triangles" tapes... Would my armbars(especially guard) improve? I already have Levo, Jen and Chris Brennan Kimura tape. "

Yeah, and your triangles, and your guard in general. The sparring footage (which is a lot) on those tapes is truely inspirational!

Baret isn't a smooth talker, though, so you have to use your eyes and pay attention to what he does when he teaches the moves and also what he does in sparring. Michael Jen said about these tapes that he hasn't seen ANY tapes go as much into setups and combinations for armbars and triangles for the no-gi guard.

Where can I buy the Yoshida and Leverton tapes?

Nathan Leverton:


Baret Yoshida:


I haven't seen Brennan's, but Harris' are quite good.

There is a full review of Nathan Leverton's Guard tape on WhiteBelt.org


- C.

How long are Barets tapes? Is there alot of info on them?

Just a correction for jonpall: Roy's armlock tape shows 3 ways to control and break the grip when they grab their own arm.

That is all :-)


TT: I think you're actually wrong :) You ARE talking about his STRAIGHT armlocks video and not his BENT armlocks one, right?

Here's a review on the tape that mentiones that "breaking your opponent's grip when they guard their arm aren't covered", to quote the review:


Correct me, and that review, if I'm wrong, but maybe you're thinking about the 3 CONTROL positions Roy shows on that tape (near head, near hips, hug leg)?

Still, it's a very good tape.

karazy: I don't remember how long they are, but they are 3, total and VERY long, actually. I think most of it shines new light on the armbar and the triangle, so it doesn't clash with other tapes. Most of the stuff is from the guard and most of them are armbars and triangles, but there are also moves from other positions and there are also sweeps and other submissions (heel hook, guillotine, etc.)

I will rewatch the tape again, but you are right: that's what I'm talking about.

Perhaps I'm filling in this detail from training with Roy personally, but he holds those 3 control positions and hangs his body weight on the elbow as a high percentage way of breaking their grip on the arm. FWIW. :-)


Hey Jonpall,

Can you do a review on tape 3(Baret's Tape)?

You could also consider Erik Paulson's series on the armbar sold at http://www.martin-seminars.com/

exjudoka - Is the series good?

Yes I think it's very good. It deals with a LOT of armlock setups, counters and variations from a LOT of positions. Basically you could mine this series (6 DVDs) for a long, long time.

Stephan Kesting