Which batman comic to read next

I use to read a lot of marvel comics but wanted to start on dc so I've been reading batman I've just finished knight fall and killing joke ,

Is there any other have to read titles for batman??? Phone Post


Dan W - hush

?????? Phone Post

LOL, Hush is a story arc from about 9 years ago. You can get it at any mainstream bookstore.

Oh long Halloween. Phone Post

Lol sorry the one word answer seemed a tad strange lol

Cheers for titles, anyone have any personal favourites?
Because there favourite Villan was the focus or anything? Phone Post

I might go for the cult next it seems pretty awesome Phone Post

Batman year one Phone Post

Okay start with Year one.

Long halloween
Dark victory
Neal Adams run.
Dark knight returns Phone Post

RedDragonUK - Okay start with Year one.

Long halloween
Dark victory
Neal Adams run.
Dark knight returns Phone Post

These are the best suggestions, in my opinion. I never understood what people thought was so great about Hush. Phone Post

yeah Hush was so-so... it's what got me back into comics after i quit a few times due to life/money with the final time being the debacle of the chromium variant cover multimillion printruns. when i heard Jim Lee was drawing Batman, i had to check it out.

Jeph Loeb wrote... the art by Jim Lee saved it for me though. it was cool seeing Lee draw many of the iconic Batman Rogue's Gallery.

there was a storyarc for 5 issues called "Broken City" iirc... it was one of the first collaborations that Brian Azzarello wrote and Eduaro Risso drew that was not 100 Bullets. i believe it was the first superhero project ever they worked together

Risso can do no wrong in my book. love his art. Wished there was a color AND b&w version like Brian Vaughn/Risso's Logan mini-series.

amazon reviewers on Broken City


lol -- here's IGN's review


and Broken City is the storyarc right after Hush finishes

Sub Phone Post

The new Earth One is pretty good. Just started. Phone Post