Which BJJ association has best...

Which B.J.J. associations seem to have the best support systems in place for affiliate academys. For example Gracie Barra seems to have a solid reputation for sending instructors to help thier affiliated schools. Curious for your imput.

Roy Harris sends us videos (VHS and online) of things to work on. He stays in touch with all of us personally. (Not only does my fiancee LOVE when he comes to visit, but he knows our parents by name too...what a memory!)

He also gives us lots of other "freebies" like additional training whenever we see him. At seminars he often pulls us aside and gives us a free semi-private in addition to the day's topic.

He cares a lot about all of his instructors, and it really shows in the effort he puts into us. He's a great example for us to follow.

Thanks Twinkletoes. I went a Roy Harris seminar and I got that immpression as well.

I am biased but after spending $$$ on other associations that simply took your money and mailed you a newsletter, I became disenchanted with the whole association thing.

Until I joined SBGi. I got my money's worth in the first two weeks.

Those of us affiliated with Roy definitely get our "money's worth" as well - association dues are a mere $5.00 annually. I got my $$ worth in the first 5 minutes!!

What do most people look for in joining an association? What are the benifits to joining one? Also what benifits does an entire academy look for when affiliating with an association/organization?

I think the benifits of affiliation are several. BETTER JIU-JITSU. Increased enthusiasm after having an affilaite instructor come in to teach. Direction. The sense of team (whether you or anyone at the academy competes). Friends throughout North America and Brasil. When I travel I can visit affiliated academies and immediately feel at home. The important thing, is fo the affiliation to be real, and not simply in name only.

Thanks Kashk,
Great post. When a club is affiliated with a particular association how does the association help the club out? Do they usually help send instructors there from time to time or do most just send association patches and t-shirts? Which associations have a reputation for putting an emphasis on developing quality affiliate schools outside thier local area?


How often do you get to see Roy in his association? Because he doesn't seem to get out to the EC all that often especiallt New England. Roy has an incredible way of breaking things down like few I have ever seen he is methodical about everything he does, but the only draw back is he is one man and can only spread himself so thin.


I think a good example is like you stated earlier Barra Gracie takes care of there own. Renzo affiliates get guys like Renzo, Almeida, Igor and Rolls Jr, Fabio Leopoldo, Gordinho and Gordo, Shawn Williams etc all going out to the affiliates. It's not about sending patches and shirts. That's why Renzo has the top team on the east coast every year it's a huge team.


Last year Roy was in the Northeast 4 times (Erie, PA; Burlington, VT; Rochester, NY; Middletown, CT) plus I went to San Diego for a week, so I got a LOT of feedback having seen him 5 times.

This year I will see him 3 or 4 times (though I am getting married, which has changed this year's itinerary). He will be here in February for a Kalis Ilustrisimo seminar, he will be in NY in June, I will go to San Diego for the Instructor Conference in July, and we may have a Level 2 JKD instructor course in San Diego in the fall.

It should be noted that our requirement to maintain instructorship is to take 4 private lessons per year with him, at a discounted rate. If that's a burden, I want this kind of burden for the rest of my life. :-)



That's not bad at all, I thought he didn't come out that often though two of those places is a trek from where you are, my hats off to you on the travel.

Congrads on the wedding.

Associations also help, by producing gear (team patches, clothing with logos etc), this cuts down on design costs and saves time. Also, advertising is easier. In that you can link web pages together and you get name recognition within the community. Also, promos where you can say check us out we are part of one of the best ...teams in the world, take a seminar with multiple time champion so and so. The novelty it provides draws some people. Also if you are throwing tourneys it may be easier to find sponsors, and maybe some affiliates will come out to compete. If you don't have a Black Belt instructor, belt promotion is an issue easily solved by affiliation.

Sending instructors is key to a real affiliation and not just a business transaction. Nova Uniao is really good at it. This year my club will have Leo Santos, Shaolin, Andre Pederneiris, and Wendell Alexander at our club. Wagnney Fabiano built up some pretty decent teams in Eastern Canada ( Ronin, GAMMA, Team Legion, Team Union, Karma). Gracie Barra is really good at sending their instructors. Other than that I haven't seen quality relationships where world class Jiu-Jitsu is involved.

I don't live anywhere near a bjj bb, so I had no other option but to pick a "long distance" instructor. Mr. Harris allowed me to be part of his team (at the bottom), and I am very grateful. He has only a hand-full of instructors, with the last class coming this summer. He has written once this is over, that's it! My advice is get on board while you still have the chance. Email him to sign up and reserve your spot today.