Which bros are better? Diaz or nog

What do you say ug? Diaz bros better than the nog brothers!? Phone Post

Diaz imo.

Nick being such a screwball definitely doesn't help the argument for them though. Phone Post

You're asking that HERE? I lurked for long enough to that the 'blah blah, 209!!!' posts are a-coming... Phone Post

Now? Diaz

All time? Nogs. Diaz bros still have plenty of time to catch up though assuming Nick isn't done.

Best right now - Diaz

Best over their careers - Nogueira

Probable best careers after they've all retired - Diaz

Neither Diaz will ever hold a belt in a major organization. Phone Post

Am I actually reading this? Phone Post

GelderdEnd - Am I actually reading this? Phone Post
No, go back to bed. Phone Post

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CNN is fabulous..

Jake Tapper came in his pants over this strike. He's been pushing a war with Iran for years. So there are plenty of happy people at CNN right now.

He's one of the Never Trumpers that couldn't be happier. He gets his Iran war, which will also turn Trump into a failure like GWB.

Win win for the Tap.

Post a clip if you have it please:)