Which Buffer will they use?

So now that HBO has a deal with UFC..And Goldie and Rogan are out as commentators...Which Buffer will they use as ring announcer

The ugly one.

the cheaper one.

I remember Fightsport saying Bruce Buffer is the Frank Stallone of MMA.

He seems like a good guy, but I really don't like his voice. Bring in Michael or Jimmy Lennon Jr.

Michael charges more than Bruce but since it's HBO I'm sure they will use Michael

"I dont care to hear "lets get ready to rumble" over and over."

I could be wrong, but I think he only says that for the main event.

besides, I liked how bruce stresses the dudes last names in the main event, when bruce said serra and st pierre's last names that shit sent shivers down my spine, but meh...since its HBO they will prolly use Michael.  At least say the club/fight team affiliations damn it!

Should be an interesting decision... since I manage Michael's career and
negotiate all our deals, I will have to make a decision soon...
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... let me think about this one... LOL.

"The Ugly One"... LOL again... that must be me so I'll see you from the

Big Cheers to all on the Forum!

Bruce Buffer

Hmm, good question. Maybe they should fight it out!! Michael can box and Bruce can use MMA techniques.

Dana, make it happen!!

Wow, I didn't know Bruce posts here!!

Let us know what happens with this Bruce. Personally I think you should do it, not having Rogan and Goldie will be enough of a shock for us fans to deal with.

lol@ managing michael's career.

sounds like a pretty esay decision then... see you on HBO!!

Why not use both? Bruce all the way to the main event and then Mike for main events

Bruce, how do you feel about the UFC comming to HBO? Have you been a fan and if so for how long? Thanks in advance.

ttt for El Bruce'

lol, nice! always love it when the subject of the topic actually responds to the thread..

question is, bruce, how's manchester??

I don't leave for Manchester until Thurs. morning but have been there
twice before and the UK fans are awesome, plus if you like throwing
back a few pints of good UK Ale, it can be great, which I plan on doing
after the show, not before... LOL.

Hybrid John... "How long have I been a fan..."

I've been a fan since UFC 1 but knew changes had to be made for the
UFC to go mainstream and all has been done amazingly well by Dana
and the Fertittas with so much much more to come for all of us fans, as
I am a fan 1st above all else. The move to HBO is huge IMO mainly
because in the eyes of the viewing mainstream public becoming UFC
fans & being introduced to it... the HBO brand puts a solid stamp of
legitimization and mainstream approval that I feel we already have, but
HBO only strengthens the UFC brand and MMA to be the #1 fighting
sport in my mind with boxing becoming the 2nd due to the 18-34
demographic who are all about the UFC and MMA and will teach their
kids and so on and so on... also this gives HBO a great avenue to
promote thier boxing product, which is the best in the business of
boxing on TV, to the 18-34 demographic for them to watch exc.
upcoming HBO Boxing of which there is a lot of events planned.

In my mind MMA and Boxing are two different fighting sports that
deserve equal respect and not to be compared, although my heart is
with the UFC and MMA... I have always loved boxing, especially Ali,
Foreman & the golden years of the 80's and 90's when we all got
together to watch PPV's of Hagler, Leonard, Duran, Holmes, Holyfield
and many others while sharing the PPV cost and the pizza... but today
that house party is reserved for UFC PPV's IMO.

Big Cheers to all here and thanks for the kind words and kudos, as

Bruce Buffer

Your "Voice of the Octagon"


was great seeing you in houston.. did you see your pics?

Tracy Lee

Hopefully UFC and HBO see it the way I do..Loyalty to the sport is a huge thing for me, and you have to respect Bruce for how he handles himself when all of you nay-sayers try to chump him off like he is second rate. Bruce is an excellent announcer.

I know that when my friends and I are anxiously awaiting the bouts, as soon as you hear Bruce's voice and see him in the octagon, you know "It's TIIIIIMMMMMEEE".

ttt for Bruce Buffer.

Bruce, thank you for taking the time to respond. I'm here in my offce where I have introduced many of my co-workers to MMA, and they are dumbfounded to hear your stance to MMA and boxing. You and I (as well of most of this forum) share the same opinion. I hope that HBO does in fact use you for the production and I think you do a great job. Im excited to hear Bruce Buffers "Lets Get Ready To Rumble" on the same card as Big John's "Are you ready? Lets get it on!." Thanks again and have a good one buddy. Jon Weidler