Which Buffer will they use?

Thanks Jon... but remember I don't say the "Rumble", that is my brother's
to use and use only plus I never wanted to be Frank Sinatra Jr. so until
further notice... "IT'S TIME..." and I'll see you form the Octagon for a long
time to come.



My bad Bruce. Anyhow, thanks for the speedy replies and I look forward to seeing you in the octagon. If I happen to see you at one of the shows I'll be sure to introduce myself. Best of luck in the meantime and keep up the good work. Cheers, JW

"since I manage Michael's career and negotiate all our deals, I will have to make a decision soon"

the pretty ones never make any decisions

What up Bruce! Always great to see you on here

I enjoy Bruce main event speech more than the main event speech by Mike...Ill take the " ITS TIME FOR THE MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING, THESE TWO WARRIORS...." than the " ARE YOU READY " by Mike

I think Bruce sorted the trademark for Michael's famous saying.

It's obvious Bruce is a real fan, he seems to be the only ringside person to ever get excited - normally jumping all over the place!

at first i didnt care for his style, but it grew on me. i think bruce has honed his craft and has gotten a lot better. he does a great job.

And if you sometimes pay attention to Bruce after the fight when he comes into the ring hes giddy over a win by one of his fave fighters...

I love the enthusiasm and excitement these guys (Rogan and Buffer) show. It's real, and we know it.

It's cool to see them react as they go through this MMA evolution with us fans over the years. It has been quite a ride.

I dont care to hear "lets get ready to rumble" over and over. I prefer to keep Bruce Buffer.

That's because you're senseless

DJStud... I think Lenee does an exc. job for PRIDE off-camera with her
distinctive announcing style and she also seems to enjoy her work...
a fan personally of saying the fighters names in full mode 2-3 times
introduced to and in the ring though, as I like the one big pop myself...
she is
perfect for the Japanese fans who love "over the top" announcing which
I've even taken it further up when announcing in Japan... here in the
hear mixed reviews about her style... either way I truly respect anybody
who stands center stage and let's it go live...

Bottomline "you can't please all of the people all of the time..."

NikNitro... I do like nice suits and am a sucker for a fine Rolex watch...
as far as the girls go... when in the mood have as much fun as possible
I always say... plus I'm still single and enjoying life until the true future
Mrs. Buffer comes along and we decide to breed a future UFC

Definitely got to go boys... I leave in the morning and have two hours
to surf a some waves and chill out before the long plane ride to the UK.

See you from the Octagon on Saturday and thanks again for taking the
time to post.



Oh, wow. Another hate-on-Bruce thread. How novel.

Seriously, HBO should go back to the real roots of the UFC and get Rich Goins...Goins...

EDIT: Aw, man, I was too late, someone already brought up Goins on a Bruce-hating thread.

Bruce = My Idol

Wish I could do what he does, even on a smaller level. I have the voice (or so I've been told), sadly not the looks...im an ugly mofo....