Which bugs you worse?

Of all the following situations you come across as a fan/participant in MMA, which one gets on your nerves the most? Which do you find most common?

  1. You (or me, any of us): "I've trained some, had a few amatuer fights but it's mostly just a fun hobby"

Dipshit: "Me too man, I'm going to Thailand to fight next month." Like hell you are.

  1. Your friends: "DON'T FUCK WITH US MAN, CRAWFORD WILL WHOOP YOUR ASS!!" Because a bit of kickboxing/BJJ makes me the ultimate invincible King of Iron Fist, who can and should beat up anyone for any reason or no reason at all.

  2. watching "Napoleon Dynamite" with friends Kip: "Everybody knows that I'm training to become a cage fighter"

Friends: "HAR HAR HAR, THAT'S CRAWFORD RIGHT THERE HAR HAR!!" You wanna glove up and try it fucker?

I get these a lot, drives me nuts. Actually makes me want to train harder sometimes though. I'd say 3 bothers me worst, because this is hard stuff to do and for people to be disrespectful of it and me pisses me off. I've choked a lot of my friends. Number one is second, for similar reasons. And I'll admit that I don't really mind number 2 too bad ;)

they call u Crawford??? What, No Cool Fighter nickname?

2 - I don't like when people think your thier personal whoop ass machine...

I have a buddy who had this dude looking to fuck him up... he asked if I would be on "stand by" just in case... I said if some shit happens I would help but only afer my buddy got his ass whipped a little bit...

JudoMo, that's just what they've called me since we were kids. I did fight in Toughman before I got into MMA, and my nickname (taken directly from my occupation lol) was "The Butcher", so I do get that sometimes.

actually i get #2 quite often, that's why i hardly tell anyone i train mma