Which celebrity would make a good MMA fighter?

Which celebrity would be a force in MMA if trained properly?

I say Tiny Zeus Lister (Deebo from Friday). Or Russell Crowe, he has a fighter attitude. Like Nick Diaz or BJ. He doesn't take shit Phone Post

Most actors are faggots though.


 Michael Jai White

Steven Seagal obviously. Him and his mighty front kicks of sheer utter devastation have already been showcased by Ryoto and Anderson. Guaranteed the 2014 champ of the ufc of the world. lol

Edward norton ... Phone Post


Tony jaa from ong bak.and that one dike looking girl from fast and the furious and avatar..Mexican chick idk her name but I think shell do good.looks beasty Phone Post

Edward Norton was a good one Haha Phone Post

The rock football and pro wrestling back round. Phone Post

Juice87 - 
ShanTheMan - Transporter
Jason Statham Phone Post


I think mario lopez has a background in wrestling


 joe rogan

Jackie Chan

Kevin James

Ed o'neill-Al Bundy Phone Post

Mark Wahlberg,

Oleg Taktarov Phone Post

I bet Johnnie Morton would do awesome!

OnlyTheStrongSurvive - Kevin James

I read on Helwani's twitter that he's going to be walking out and cornering Mayhem