Which Country GOV SYSTEM has it MOST Figured Out?

Which Country seems to have it MOST Figured Out? Is there such a NEAR UTOPIA where there is LOW Crime, LOW poverty, and a Generally Happy Population of peasants?

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Nordic countries.

Not true. Nordic countries suck!

Japan is correct.

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Love Japan, but isn’t their work life balance shitty if you’re male?

Yeah. They ususally rank way behind the rest of the first world on the happiness index.

Switzerland always ranks high on quality of life, happiness, standard of living. Probably there.

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Nordic countries have been ruined by Muslims

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The Japanese government doesn’t know their asshole from a hole in the ground - it’s the culture that makes it a good place to live

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Most African countries have it figured out. They’ve been around a long time to perfect it.


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And their immigration policy. It’s one word: NO.

Every species not human

Definitely when you consider our size and cultural, geographic, economic, religious and political diversity. No one else is doing it like we are. But lots of smaller, homogeneous countries are way ahead of us.

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Japan is great if you like BIG GOVERNMENT…GUN CONTROL…and being a BusyBody that doesn’t enjoy LEISURE time or ever sleeping

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Gotta be nordic countries, but they are slowly losing their grasp.

we cannot do what these countries do because of our diversity.

America doesn’t have a culture. We have culture wars.

Out of the 105 countries I’ve visited.

Iceland has been the top country in my thoughts with this question, but the cost of living is pretty high.

Out of the Nordics, I liked Finland the best.

What country would most American’s like and agree with? Switzerland, their stance on immigration, gun rights and capitalism works well with American glasses.

I lived in Germany, outside of the political stuff - it’s nice to be in a country where everything works well and in a systematic way.

Outside of political oppression, Singapore for country and future planning by far beats out anywhere else I’ve been in the world. Most countries don’t know what the fuck they are doing for the next 5 years, Singapore has their plans 60 years out.

Cheaper countries? Costa Rica is the chill, less expensive one that I think Americans would enjoy living in.

The Czech Republic seems nice, affordable and can live a good life out there.


I’m not sure that DIVERSITY is the boogeyman that some imagine it to be. I saw this Streets of Philadelphia series popped up on the youtube and it appears to be majority White Folks and would probably be a CULTURE shock to some Foreign Ethnics to observe:


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So…that means the Japs are doing something right?

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