Which decade is your favorite for music?

For me personally it was the 80's.

Which decade was your favorite?

90s Phone Post 3.0

Ace5002 - 90s Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

80's country is the best.


Alice in Chains
West coast rap
Good Alternative like Gin Blossoms/Goo Goo dolls
Awesome R&B(Ginuwine,Boyz 2 Men, R Kelly)
Bel Biv Devoe made the greatest song ever
Rage Against the Machine
Fresh Prince made the greatest Summer song ever

I could go on and on.

80s Phone Post 3.0

60s or 70s

The Doors

The Beatles

Rolling Stones

Pink Floyd


Led Zeppelin

40's. Swing and bebop at it's best. Phone Post 3.0

90s. Phone Post 3.0

90s Phone Post 3.0

No real contest for me.

90's for me. Was just thinking this about this subject earlier today as I was watching a My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult video.



One thing for sure is they don't make music like they used too!

I even used to like rap with

Eazy E
DR Dre

90s grunge, and some good punk too

Late 80's, early 90's. Phone Post 3.0

the 80s
great stuff all across the board (rock, metal, pop, rap, electronic). before then, not all those genres were around. after then (by which I mean 'after the mid 90s'), they all went through ups and downs, more like brief ups and long downs though generally.

70's. The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Queen, Bowie, Joy Division, Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac all in their prime. Untouchable decade for music. Phone Post 3.0

Has to be the 90s!

I'm 35. Start putting your age. Might be interesting. Phone Post 3.0