Which decade is your favorite for music?

40's Phone Post 3.0

I am 38 and prefer 80's



I'm 21 btw

Nineties. .. Phone Post 3.0

70s then 90s probably Phone Post 3.0

Even with disco the 70s.

I grew up in the 90's so it was always the 90's and 60's/70's rock (my old mans influence). But now its clearly 90's and for some reason the 80's.

I used to always think that it was the 80's for me but the more i thought about it my favorite music was all from the 90's.

70's and 90's

90's between those two.

Do love oldies though but don't keep them in my daily rotation.

80s, then 90s.

80s was the most creative decade as far as traditional bands are concerned. Then 90s was the golden age of hip hop and electronic music.

2000's and 90's Phone Post 3.0

90s for the grunge

im 12 and my favorite band is dark sabboth

El Duderino - 

60s or 70s

The Doors

The Beatles

Rolling Stones

Pink Floyd


Led Zeppelin

this and the 90's for RATM and Nirvana

ShawnTheBadger - 


you couldnt post a better song off appetite?! rocket queen>scom

Ace5002 - 90s Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

80's blues Phone Post 3.0

70's without a doubt. Phone Post 3.0

1) 80's
2) 70's
3) 90's
4) 60's